blog assignment #1: create your blog

August 30, 2006

due: Sunday, September 3rd by 4pm

1. Go to

2. Click on “Get a WordPress Blog now”

3. Choose a username. Please note that this username will become part of the URL for your blog. For example, the username for this blog is expository, and the URL is In other words choose something that isn’t overly complex, is easy to remember, and is a little bit unique and/or “catchy.”

4. Enter email address; check yes to “the terms of service;” and choose “gimme a blog!”

5. On the next screen, create a title for your blog and click Signup.

6. Go to your email and activate your blog. When you activate your blog, you will be given your password. Please write this down and don’t lose it. You can change your password, but for now be sure you are able to log-in.

7. Login; click on your blog name/link on the right-hand side of your screen. This will take you to what is called your “Dashboard”–this is the place from which you control your blog–writing posts, making edits, changing the look of your blog, etc.

8. Click on “Presentation” and then choose a theme. This is what your blog will look like.

9. You now have a blog, and I need the URL or blog address. Again, this should look like Your blog address appears at the top of browser screen in the Address or URL line. Please copy this address and email it to me (by Sunday at 4pm). Remember to follow the guidelines for emails as stated in the syllabus.

For a brief tour of/tutorial on your new wordpress blog, click here

10.  To change your password go to Users and Update password.


11 Responses to “blog assignment #1: create your blog”

  1. […] The first think that Jenn did for classroom blogging was to have them set-up their blogs. While course management software (e.g.. Blackboard) makes this easy, they do not allow students to customize the blog, or have it viewable from the outside. The set-up process here is a little more tricky but the end product is a lot better: invested students. (Actually getting students blogs set up went surprisingly easy-especially given the fact that none of them had used WordPress before.) Mostly I think this worked for two reasons: 1. WordPress is user friendly. 2. Jenn set up a step by step guide at her classroom blog that was easy for students to follow. As of yesterday there were only a few students that had trouble setting up their accounts. Reposted here below are Jenn’s steps from Expos-i-story, I have added some commentary to explain why certain steps are important, and dropped in some screenshots. (Jenn’s words are in italics.) […]

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  4. […] to follow.  Professor Marlow has spelled these out quite nicely; you can find her post on it here.  As she states at the end of her post, once you’ve got an address for your blog, I’ll […]

  5. […] then it’s fast and easy to get your own.  There are some very handy step-by-step directions here at Professor Marlow’s […]

  6. […] thing, then it’s fast and easy to get your own. There are some very handy step-by-step directions here at Professor Marlow’s […]

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