blog assignment #2: explore the web…

September 7, 2006

and report your findings….

due: Tuesday, Sept. 12

Find one online news source and one blog (NOT a classmate’s blog) that interest you–create a brief (one to five sentences) description of the site and put a link to it in your blog. This will create a collection of sites for the class to explore. If you find something that you want to read (and respond to) regularly, subscribe to it–that is, add it to your news reader in Flock.

To create a link:

  • Type the name of the site and highlight it
  • Click on the icon at the top of your text box that shows a little chain link
  • Enter the web address/URL of the site (For this you might want a second tab open with the site you are linking to; copy and paste the URL out of the address bar)
  • Decide whether you want the link to open in the same window or a new one and click insert. Your highlighted text should now be a hyper-link.

Sites that might help you with this assignment:

technorati: tracks blogs on the web and what people are blogging about; check out “Top Blog Posts” for currently popular blogs; and see “What’s the Buzz” for what people are writing about and searching for. This should help you find an interesting blog.

salon : a news source that also includes links to blogs at the end of their articles.


One Response to “blog assignment #2: explore the web…”

  1. Rachel Says:

    I don’t undersatnd what I am supposed to do once I find another persons blog because I can’t post comments on any of them. And I don’t understand what news source I’m looking for.

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